Billy chelsea still dating

So, it probably is best that Chelsea is leaving Genoa City for a little while to take a break from her drama with Billy Abbott.And, according to Y&R spoilers before Chelsea leaves Genoa City she will learn that Victor Newman didn’t send Connor the soccer ball, so she may finally be putting two and two together and realizing that Adam Newman may still be alive.Y&R Head Writer Shelly Altman tells the magazine that, “It’s clear to Chelsea that Victoria still occupies a big place in Billy’s heart.Later, Chelsea informs Billy that she’s leaving town. Chelsea’s seizing on a work opportunity to sort out her confusing feelings.” Y&R spoilers have teased for a while that Chelsea’s not-so-dead hubby Adam Newman will be returning to the CBS soap opera soon – and we know it won’t be Michael Muhney in the role.The Young and the Restless fans have been watching the love triangle between Victoria, Billy, and Chelsea develop over the course of the last few weeks.

Later, she was left at a Swiss boarding school as a child, she returned to Genoa City as a teenager to find her mother married to Jack and her father married to Jack's sister, Ashley Abbott.

It's about how they settle into parenting and their different approaches to that," she said."Todd can be bad, and Billy is so good, but I'm interested to know what Billy was like before he was a vicar."We've met his brother before and seen that he's dark and troubled, so maybe Billy isn't quite as straight-forward as Todd thinks."Ohhh, very interesting.

Viewers were only introduced to Drew late last month, when he visited the Street and told Billy that he was terminally ill.

She has three brothers, Dylan Mc Avoy, Nicholas Newman and Adam Newman, and one half sister, Abby Newman.

Victoria is the mother of Reed Hellstrom, Johnny Abbott through adoption, and Katherine "Katie" Newman.