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Over the last century Le Cordon Bleu has seen revolutionising change as we have evolved from a Parisian cooking school to an international network of culinary arts and hospitality institutes.Our philosophy of achieving excellence through constant practice and refinement remains the same, even as we grow to meet the needs of the contemporary culinary and hospitality industries.

At Le Cordon Bleu, we recognise that our students need a superior, well rounded education in order to succeed in today’s competitive world and we provide them with the tools to excel in less time than most other educational institutes. Supermarket chains are reporting a drop in revenues, closing some branches in Kenya, closing operations in other East African countries, retrenching workers, and even selling off their branches to other local or international supermarkets.While these supermarkets blame the harsh economic times Kenya is currently going through for their predicament, or the non-existent growing middle class in Kenya, the reasons might extend beyond the economy.Dae and Tash have been happily dating for six months, but they also are not — and never have been — sexually attracted to each other.The pair are part of Australia's very small asexual community — researchers believe they make up just 1 per cent of the broader population."There are not many asexuals and I know probably in person about three, which shows you how rare it is," Dae said.