Charlie hunnam dating

'None of that c**p interests me at all, and actually, my girlfriend and I just bought a ranch, so we are getting out of Hollywood completely.

'I work 15 hours a day and still go to the gym,' he told GQ Style in an interview this year.

It could be my downfall, but I don't think it is - Hollywood is run on perception, and if you stray off the path of what you want to do with your career, it's suicide.

I have 60 years to make the money, but the choices I make in the next five years are really going to define my career.

The duo had to do a 'chemistry read,' with Charlie also having several screen tests with various actresses; he seemingly wanted to know who his co-star was before committing to the project, according to The Wrap.

If you want to be super-fit and look ripped then you find the time no matter what.'It's thought producers cast Dakota because they wanted a young, up-and-coming actress to play the role of virginal Anastasia, who embarks on an intense voyage of sexual discovery with her S&M-loving boss Christian.

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'I don’t go to parties – I don’t jive it up with the Hollywood crowd,' Charlie recently told the UK's 7 Nights magazine.

Hunnam’s refusal to become another cog in the Hollywood publicity machine is allegedly what saw him turn down the lead role in Back in October it was announced that the English-born thespian had been cast as the film’s main character, Christian Grey, but he soon pulled out.

Rumors suggested that it was because he wasn’t prepared for the media to cover every corner of his life.