Dating cameos

But to everyone’s surprise, the Hollywood legend shows up to save the day after all (Season 4, episode 17).

It was around this time that artists began carving cameos out of coral and shell, both of which were softer and thus easier to manipulate.

This continued through the years as Romans and Greeks paid tribute to mythical gods via the cameo, until they eventually became a status symbol and sign of wealth in the 16th century and beyond. More modern cameos or cameos with relatively typical portraits can be inexpensive and easier to find.

(Unusual portraits or scenes can be much more valuable.) Cameos made from colored stones or simply that have several layers of color, according to Antiques Roadshow, are considered rare and valuable. Depending on the rarity and condition, cameos can be less than 0 or as much asseveral thousand dollars.

Cassis madagascariensis, commonly known as emperor helmet shell or sardonyx shell, is a thick, dark brown shell.

It is the largest mollusk shell and resembles banded agate when carved.