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Two fellows sunbathe naked (though discreetly)The last time most moviegoers saw Marlon Wayans, he was cavorting crazily through the horror spoof "Scary Movie," the year's biggest sleeper hit.

Now he's doing much the same, but in a far different film: the earnest heroic fantasy "Dungeons & Dragons." "Well, the role was suited to me," Wayans said.

in order to distinguish it from the game) was an animated television series based on the role-playing game.

The show was produced by Marvel Productions and broadcast from 1983 to 1985 saturday mornings on CBS.

A Mysterious Benefactor, known only as Dungeon Master, gives each of them an enchanted item to help them survive in that world and promises to help them find a way home. but the malevolent villain, Venger, is determined to hunt down the items they carry as a means of gaining supreme power.

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Fire giants are press-ganging the small folk into the desert, while frost giant longships have been pillaging along the Sword Coast.

Its many harrowing accidents earn the PG-13 rating.

The precipitous falls and painful-looking injuries could scare some preteens and many kids under 10.

"Vertical Limit" (PG-13, ) As an edge-of-your-seat adventure movie, "Vertical Limit" hits all the buttons (scary bits, funny bits, sad bits) and many teens will enjoy its roller-coaster thrills.

More discerning kids and adults will also note the utter predictability of this mountain-climbing tale and the glib superficiality of its characters.