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Months later, the first time they met in person in 2014, they went to a Germantown park to have sex in his car.A police officer found them and then discovered the girl was really only 13.

Washington County District Attorney Mark Bensen had recommended three years' probation, six months in jail and opposed expungement, but even the victim and her mother said the defendant had been punished enough.He responded with a slew of insults that were so wonderfully illogical as insults that I just have to paraphrase: ‘You’re just a farm-nerd wannabe hipster, who reads books and thinks she’s so smart, but is really just a moron who lives in the country with horses and can’t even live in Brunswick, even though she so desperately wants to be sipping café lattes in the city and talking about books and shit.’ That’s actually pretty accurate.He then proceeded to try to get me to meet up with him for sex. ‘Why do you even want to have sex with me, if I’m a lame hipster wannabe? I have the required equipment for his sexual preference. I’ve been noticing this kind of attitude more and more, amongst men and women. With social media making everything so accessible, it seems that delayed gratification is a thing of the past.The Journal Sentinel chose not to name the defendant, from Appleton, because of the nature of the case.He was 17 when he met the girl, who said she was 16, on the app Meow.