George boedecker dating taylor swift

When asked for his address, George reportedly replied, "I have 17 f*cking homes."As cops decided to arrest George for DUI, the man allegedly told cops he "knew his f*cking rights" ...and told one officer, "Go f*ck yourselves in the ass."Cops say George told one cop he was now his "enemy for life" and hoped he would "f*cking die."And the kicker ...cops say George was wearing flip-flops at the time of the incident.The country singer Taylor Swift, spotted frequently at the Kennedy compound with young political scion Conor, was recently implicated in a car accident out West–with a businessman who may want to become the subject of one of her tell-all songs.

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He has horrible taste in shoes, '17 f--king houses,' an imaginary celebrity girlfriend and now, a DUI charge.After waking him, Boedecker reportedly changed his story several times before telling the witness he was dating Swift, whom he described as “batshit crazy.” The arresting officer noted the shoe mogul appeared to be heavily intoxicated.When asked for his address, Boedecker responded, "I have 17 f---ing homes.” PHOTOS: Academy of Country Music Awards Red Carpet Arrivals: Taylor Swift, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert Shine According to the police report, Boedecker berated the officer and insisted he hadn’t been drinking and driving.The ultra-rich founder of Crocs shoes was SO DRUNK when he was arrested for DUI this weekend, he told cops to "f*ck" themselves "in the ass" ... cops in Boulder, CO responded to a call about a man who was passed out in front of his 2010 Porsche Panamera Saturday night.and delusionally insisted he was dating Taylor Swift ... When officers arrived to the scene, medics were already treating the man ...