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Marquardt went on to share her thoughts on this comment.“I do feel it was sincere and I do think there’s a long way to go. I'm not a big fan of reality shows but in this particular case it was the producer, Kevin Burns, who is a close friend and an award- winning documentary filmmaker who did the original documentary on me for A&E a few years ago and it was that combined with the idea, in other words the notion of doing a show not simply about my life but about life at the mansion through the eyes of the girls and that had great appeal to me. How do you get to be number one girlfriend by the way? HEFNER: Well, I think once reality shows started to become popular a lot of people came to us with notions of doing a reality show related to the Playboy Mansion because of the fascination with life at the mansion and I was reluctant to do it. KING: Let's meet the girls, Bridget how did you -- no, let's start with Holly, number one girlfriend. MADISON: Well, when I met Hef there were six other girlfriends and we just became close right away and he was... MADISON: No, I met Hef from coming up to the parties and he was kind of on the tail end of another significant relationship he was in with his other, you know, main girlfriend and we just became close right away and I moved up the ladder that way I guess. MADISON: Well, Hef and I, you know, I was real intrigued by him and as soon as I got to know him we have a lot in common. We love to watch the same old movies and go out to the same places and hang out with the same people and it was just a great match. It is hard for her to know that it is full of lies if she hasn’t actually read the book.

Bridget started out explaining that they have a bond that is hard to explain because it is different than anything. “And so in that sense, it kind of makes me sad, but at the same time, I mean, Holly came out with a book and she gave her experience.TVGuide.com: Let's start off with each of you finishing this sentence: "If I could delete from existence any one moment from Season 1, it would be...."Holly Madison: Me being a bitch pick any one of those moments! TVGuide.com: Any lessons learned from the first go-round? " People are ]Kendra: I learned to just be myself and I will stay myself. And you have our commentary as we sit and watch every episode and spit out everything we know about doing it, what we think about it, what we hate.... Holly: No, although I have to admit that Bridget and Kendra have better rooms that I do. Kendra and I recently had most of our fakers deleted, but they come back. TVGuide.com: I know the Playboy mansion has movie nights. Holly: I heard [Playmate-turned-soap star] Kelly Monaco is up for it. TVGuide.com: Holly, how dicey a proposition was it to redecorate the guest house during Season 1?[]Bridget Marquardt: I would delete some of my crying scenes. Holly: The producers and the editors like to group us into different characters: Bridget always gets the crying moments, I get the bitchy moments, and Kendra gets the dumb-blonde moments. Everybody likes me for who I am, so I don't need to change anything to make for a better show. 1, promises 50 minutes of "never-before-seen, unrated" footage. Bridget: It also has the pilot [] that was never really aired. [] They have their own rooms with awesome bathrooms and huge-ass closets. Bridget: My sister Anastasia checked my name the other day on My Space, and I had, like, 22 pages. Or did you do it solely because of the catty run-in you had with Hef's ex, Barbi Benton?LARRY KING, CNN HOST: Tonight, Hugh Hefner, the original playboy. KING: And the three stunning girlfriends who live with him in the Playboy Mansion. KENDRA WILKINSON, HUGH HEFNER'S LIVE-IN GIRLFRIEND: Yes. He's got a little pull with this, front cover of the November issue. And the girls with Hugh Hefner are Holly Madison, who is regarded as his number one girlfriend. Network reality show "The Girls Next Door." Bridget Marquardt, am I pronouncing that right? So, what I'm doing now I'm becoming a little more mature here.

Holly madison and bridget marquardt dating