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CREATING PARTNERSHIPS WITH FAITH COMMUNITIES TO END SEXUAL VIOLENCE, Cynthia Okayama Dopke, Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs, Olympia, WA: 2002.Charge: The Sexual Assault Working Group (SAWG) is charged with reviewing the university’s efforts on issues of interpersonal and sexual violence including sexual assault, dating and domestic violence, and stalking.The Working Group will assess current efforts, identify areas for improvement, and make recommendations to the Vice President of Campus Life to ensure that our campus approach is comprehensive, effective, and compliant with Title IX and the Campus Sa VE Act.That illustrious career coincided, happily, with a time when TV was taking hold and among the many, many things Palmer is being lauded for, one of the coolest is the beverage that carries his name.He got the idea, he said in an "ESPN 30 for 30″ short, one day when his late wife, Winnie, made iced tea and inspiration struck like a thunderbolt.